Quite possibly the deadliest style of martial arts known to man…

Sam Noyoun, Kung Fu Do Grandmaster and registered human weapon introduces you to some of this fighting system’s most secret techniques.

Kung Fu Do draws upon modern scientific principles, closely guarded secrets of the traditional asian martial arts, tricks of the oldtime strongmen, and military combatives, to form a complete system which is not only lethal, but also possesses a strong element of performance to instill the fear of the shadowless ninja in its enemies.

The tricks and techniques featured on this website are only the tip of the iceberg…
In the Kung Fu Do system, they constitute but a small part of the white sash syllabus.

Kung Fu Do practioners also learn and practice numerous deadly techniques such as:
– lightness kung fu: walking on eggs and scaling walls
– heaviness kung fu: the immovable arm ; the immovable standing up stance
– how to break stones with their bare hands
– how to submit and restrain an opponent with one of their finger
– how to walk on fire
– the infamous ‘bed of nails’ trick
– the death touch: how to pin an opponent to a chair using only one finger
– how to bend spears with their throats
– how to disappear in a puff of smoke

and many other secret techniques, too d34d1y to even mention…

Sifu Noyoun accepts only very few disciples. He wishes his art to remain a closely-guarded family affair as, he says, “only a chosen few are ready for the devastating power of Kung Fu Do”.
For the first time only, has he allowed us to reveal some of the system’s very basics, and to openly speak about it.

You can contact him at: kungfudo@ymail.com