How to break bricks

Breaking bricks with your bare hands might seem like an impossible thing to do, yet it actually requires very little strength if the correct technique is used.
Such seemingly impossible feats of strength are commonly performed by karatekas and strongmen, but they rely on the laws of physics as much as on brute power.
I am demonstrating the very basics of the trick here, which virtually anyone can do…

The set up
Lay the brick on its very edges between two other bricks or blocks.

Prior to striking the brick (this can be done with the palm of your hand as in the video, with a fist, with a karate chop, or even with the forearm or elbow for effect) lift it up slightly with your non-striking hand – maybe an inch or so ; less even, if you do not want it to be noticed.

Break it!
Release the brick, and strike (or punch, or chop) it simultaneously. Make sure you hit in the middle of the brick, and try to carry the strike through the brick (aim your strike at a point below the brick).

This will feel so easy that the main difficulty of the trick will in fact be to make it look as if it were more difficult than it really is!