How to lift someone over your head with one hand!

Yet another trick of the strongman… Lifting someone over your head with only one hand (and a little deception) is actually quite easy if you know the proper technique… You can even lift an heavy man without too much difficulty using this method..

setting it up – part 1
Remove your belt… make sure to use a strong leather belt for this trick. The buckle in particular needs to be able to withstand a fair amount of weight.

setting it up – part 2
Fasten the belt under your assistant’s armpits, making sure it is tight, yet comfortable…

The lift…
Get you assistant to climb up on a chair.

Keeping a straight arm at all times, turn your back to them and grab hold of the belt.
Straighten your legs whilst keeping your back straight.

Using improper lifting technique could damage your back, or dislocate your shoulder… Make sure your entire body is in a straight line, and that your legs do all the lifting.

Why it works
Whilst it might look like you are holding the person above your head with one arm, your shoulders are taking most of the weight, and the lifting and carrying is done solely with your legs.

Using this method, you can easily lift a corpulent man!