How to roll up a frying pan

Rolling up a frying pan might seem like an impossible feat of strength. Yet, the trick was commonly performed by strongmen at fairs, at the beginning of the century, along with bending iron bars and pipes, and tearing phonebooks and decks of cards in half. However, the rolling up of a frying pan normally necessitates more strength than tearing a phone book in half or breaking bricks, but technique is important too.

The technique
This feat of strength requires a combination of strength and technique (with a good deal of strength, depending on the pan used!).
The preferred technique is to grip the top of the pan (with the handle on one side) with the thumbs at the back, and the pan being braced against the thighs.
This requires a fair amount of grip, arms, pecs, and abdominal strength..

Make your life easier…
Of course, not all pans are equal, and a cheap frying pan (such as the one I purchased for around $4) is much, much easier to roll up than a Teflon one.
For the purpose of showing off to your friends however, it looks and sounds almost identical.
The question remains: what do you do with your eggs afterwards?