How to tear phonebook in half

Tearing a phonebook in half lengthwise might seem like an impossible feat of strength. Yet, the trick was commonly performed by strongmen at fairs, at the beginning of the century, along with bending iron bars, pipes and pans. However, the ripping of a phonebook actually necessitates little strength if the correct technique is used…

How to hold the phonebook
Keep your hands as far apart as possible. Grab the two corners of the book, griping with your ring finger and pinky, and extend your thumbs in the middle

The secret…
Pinch and squeeze the phonebook between your two index fingers.

the tear…
Now pull the corners outwards and downwards, while maintaining the pinch with your index fingers. This will cause the cover to rip first, then each of the pages, one after the other. The hardest part is the initial rip; after that tear in one motion for full effect!
Obviously, the thicker the phonebook, the more finger strength the trick requires. However, you can challenge your friends to do this: without the proper technique, it is practically impossible to achieve!

Warning though: there soon won’t be any phonebooks left in your house if you enjoy this trick as much as I do. Thank god for the internet!