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  • What is Monica’s Health Magazine
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In the world of health magazines, there’s a new player in town and its name is Monicas Health Magazine. This website is a member of’s affiliate member program so it will mostly deal with health products, supplements, cosmetics and other beauty products or basically any product sold on relating to health and fitness. Although they are basically an affiliate member of, clicking through the product links that they post will not increase the cost of the product you will be buying. Basically, their income comes from the commission that gives them for every purchase they recommend.

Monicas Health Magazine believes that keeping fit should go hand in hand with staying healthy. That is the whole reason why they have put up this site. With so many dietary and herbal supplements coming out of the woodwork, they understand that it is getting harder and harder for consumers to identify which brands and products to go for. Here is where this site comes in. They provide truthful insight about some of the best products available at thru the form of reviews, guides and tips. These resources will mainly be helpful for those buyers doing their pre purchase research as these will provide them useful information about certain iherb products.

Can you trust the things that this website says? Monica’s Health Magazine is made up of former and current customers, so they are sympathetic to the customer’s needs. They understand what the customer wants to know about a specific product and what it can do. That is why all the reviews and other resources that they post in the site are 100% honest and accurate. Rest assured that all they’re after is your well being.